NITRO 200 EVO (2022 version)

 Lightweight and reliability since 2016.

Specially designed for demanding pilots who are looking for a consistent and smooth power band and a low level of noise , this 190 cc paramotor engine is the lightest clutched engine in its category. The 2022 version is equiped with new silencer, low maintenance / long life clutch system, and 4 silicon mounts with a result of very low vibration level.


Available versions:
– Manual starter & clutch: 11.85 kg
– Electric starter & clutch: 12.5 kg
– Pull starter & electric starter & clutch: 12.8 kg
Technical  features:
  • 190cc.  Two-stroke.
  • 26hp @ 7500 rpm.
  • 1:2.7 belt drive.
  • Steel/steel long life clutch system
  • Polyamid / carbon fibers pull start with automatic decompression system (pull and dual start versions)
  • Low vibration / long life silicon mounts
  • Tuned for linear throttle response with moderate fuel consumption
  • Low torque feeling during take-off and flight
  • Optional “mirror look” chromed exhaust