NITRO 200 EVO (2022 version)

 Lightweight and reliability since 2016.

Intended for pilots that prioritize a smooth linear power band and minimal noise. This ultra-light 190cc engine was redesigned in 2022 by adopting a new silencer, a clutch without friable material and 4 new silicone dampers that absorb the majority of vibrations.

Available in 3 versions:

– Manual starter & clutch: 26.1 lbs
– Electric starter & clutch: 27.5 lbs
– Manual starter & electric starter & clutch: 28.2 lbs

  • Low vibration level
  • Resilient exhaust and exhaust elbow
  • Optional “mirror” chrome exhaust
  • Single-cylinder 2-stroke engine with 190 cc displacement and membrane carburetor
  • 1:2.7 belt reduction
  • Electric starter and manual starter in polyamide and carbon fiber (depending on version) coupled with an automatic decompression system
  • Innovative clutch without composite material
  • Power of 26 HP at 7500 rpm
  • Low fuel consumption and linear operation over the entire power range.
  • Minimal Torque on takeoff and in flight.
  • Standard silicone shock absorbers since January 2022
  • 2 year warranty.