Our engines

Nitro 200 EVO

Lightweight and reliability since 2016.

Intended for pilots that prioritize a smooth linear power band and minimal noise. This ultra-light 190cc engine was redesigned in 2022 by adopting a new silencer, a clutch without friable material and 4 new silicone dampers that absorb the majority of vibrations.


The Revolution 200 engine  is the result of in-depth research focused on optimizing the power of the NITRO 200. It is intended for pilots looking for a strong power/weight.

Newly released in 2023

Born out of the experience acquired from the development and testing of the Nitro and Revolution 200 engines, the new R200 Xtrem is in a class of it’s own within the ultra-light paramotor engine industry. Whether you are a competition pilot or simply looking for the best engine on the market, the R200 Xtrem has been designed to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of power, fuel consumption and reliability. Your future flight companion for an unparalleled experience.

Newly released in 2023

A worthy successor to the Tornado, the new-generation R280 Xtrem thermal group offers remarkable performance with a maximum speed of 9200 rpm. Intended for slalom competitors, tandem pilots and wheel launch, this extreme engine is a technological gem, offering a power/weight ratio unrivaled to date.