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NITRO 200 EVO (2022 Edition)

Lightweight and reliability since 2016.

Specially designed for demanding pilots who are looking for a consistent and smooth power band and a low level of noise , this 190 cc paramotor engine is the lightest clutched engine in its category. The 2022 version is equiped with new silencer, low maintenance / long life clutch system, and 4 silicon mounts with a result of very low vibration level.


Newly born in 2022, The Revolution 200 engine will change the game, again!

This motor unit is the result of in-depth research into optimizing the power of the NITRO 200. It is intended for demanding pilots looking for the best power-to-weight ratio. To date, it is the only engine in the world to benefit from an extended 3-year warranty as standard.


The TORNADO 280 with electric starter and clutch was introduced in our range in August 2018. Designed for heavy or tandem pilots, this linear and extremely powerful engine is a technological gem, offering a weight / power ratio without equivalent to date (13,6 kg / 30 lbs).