The DELTA XL aluminium frame

  This chassis is made of T6 aluminum.

This chassis is the first of a new kind! Never seen before in the sport of the paramotoring.

With a cage of 65 inches (165 cm), the DELTA XL allows us to fit an ultra light 59 inches (150 cm) propeller. Developed in partnership with the French engineers of Electravia, this propeller makes it possible to achieve very low levels of noise due to its extraordinary efficiency.

Our goal is achieved! In flight, the engine runs much slower, the maximum thrust is increased by 8 kg compared to a 49 inches (125 cm) propeller. The consumption is reduced to levels never reached between starting from 2.5 liters per hour, with our Nitro 200 engine.

The cage is disassembled within a few seconds for a compact footprint (despite the large diameter once mounted).

Configuration example: DELTA XL Paramotor equipped with Nitro 200 engine with electric starter.
21,2 kg only ready to fly!